The essence of all espresso drinks and a fantastic way to gain direct insights into a coffee’s flavour profile. As standard, we serve an Espresso as a 30g double shot.

Espresso Long

Also known as an Americano and a Long Black, this drink is hot water with a double shot of espresso over the top.

Macchiato / Long Macchiato

An Espresso crowned with a teaspoon full of stretched milk in a shot glass. A Long Macchiato is prepared on a base of hot water in a 220ml glass.


Milk over Espresso. Meaning ‘small’, this coffee is loved by coffee geeks and is served in our small, 90ml shot glass.

Flat White

Put forward as the perfect balance of espresso to milk; however, it’s all a matter of personal taste. Supposedly an Antipodean creation, traditionally a Flat White is served in cup with a volume of around 160ml/6oz to get that balance right.


Meaning ‘milk’ in Italian, the Latte has become the commonplace milk coffee. More correctly titled the Caffè Latte we promise to serve you stretched milk poured over espresso in a glass or cup around 220ml/7.5 oz. A large size is available for those that like their coffee a little milkier.


Made in the same way as a Latte, but with slightly more aerated milk. The Italians’ coffee of choice in the mornings, we serve ours an optional light sprinkling with chocolate and, as far as we are concerned, it can be drunk any time, day or night. A large size is also available.


Named after the Yemeni port that once exported coffee beans to the world, today the term has come to refer to a Latte/Hot Chocolate hybrid. It’s delicious and also available in a large size.

Extra Shot

The extra shot – incorrectly – has connotations of toughness or hard-core coffee drinking. It just means that you get an extra shot of espresso in your coffee.

Feature Espresso

Each week we run a different single estate or co-operative coffee alongside our Espresso Blend. It's a great way to explore the world of quality coffee.

Both Ways

We offer our Feature Espresso coffees Both Ways: that is, with or without milk. Order Both Ways and you'll get a single shot Espresso and a Piccolo.


Explore the world of quality coffee with our Filter coffee. Each week we profile two different single estates or cooperatives in our Feature Coffee programme.

Pour Over

Learn the art and craft of brewing coffee. Simply order Pour Over and learn how to make two cups of coffee under the direction of our skilled baristas.

30 oz Espro Press Photo 4 (lid & logo)- small

Espro Press

Coffee for four made and served with the double-walled, double-filtered Espro Press using one of our Feature Coffees.


All the coffee taste without the caffeine. Our Decaf is comprised of quality coffees that are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water method.


You can replace milk with soy if you prefer the taste or have specific dietary requirements. We use Bonsoy.